Robin Klein

Instructor: Vocal, Flute & Rudiments

From humming as a baby to receiving awards as a young performer, music has been a driving force in Robin’s life. Attending Mohawk College, she earned an Advanced Diploma in Music and also met her husband there. Robin has been pursuing a career in music for over half of her life. She started teaching music in a high school co-op class, and continued to expand her skills in college with the ‘Teaching Methods’ class. She has been teaching professionally since 2009. Robin has also worked as a soloist, a choir member and as the lead singer in a rock band.

“Music. I’ve never dreamed of anything else to do with my life because the answer was always music, no questions asked.”

Currently Robin teaches Flute, Piano, Theory and Voice. In her free time, she studies guitar and song writing. Robin and her students work hard together to reach their goals. Some work towards competition, while others work for the year-end recital. Many just want to learn the “How To’s” of music.

Robin loves sharing all the wonderful things about music through her teaching. Each student, no matter the age, has a special place in her heart. She even has a keepsake box with all the gifts her students have given her over the years. Robin dreams of having her very own music school one day where each treasured gift will decorate its own space. For now, Robin has found a wonderful home and gained a wacky family of teachers and staff, working with and for Teresa at Studio E Music and Arts. If you listen carefully, you may even hear her humming happily around the Studio!

Music Styles Taught:

  • Vocal: World, Pop, Opera, Jazz, Rock, Classical, Royal Conservatory and Musical Theatre
  • Flute: All Genres
  • Piano: All Methods, Royal Conservatory, and Contemporary


  • Available for private lessons
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