Mathew Montani

Mathew Montani

Instructor: Piano

Mathew Montani is a 3rd year Piano Performance major at McMaster University. Before joining Studio E’s team of instructors, Mathew had over 4 years of experience teaching Piano, Music Theory, & Guitar. By the young age of 14, he had already completed his Grade 8 RCM Practical Piano. Ear-training, harmony, and composition are Mathew’s main areas of interest.

Mathew is diverse in his teaching methods, as he caters his lessons to the needs of his students. He is enthusiastic about teaching all aspects of music, encouraging his students to not simply play the right notes, but to play with emotion and passion.

Music Styles Taught:

  • Piano: All Genres, Royal Conservatory, and Contemporary
  • Theory: Including History and Harmony


  • Available for private lessons
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