Madison Ladd

Madison’s musical inspiration started with Kindermusic when she was only two years old. She was introduced to Studio E, and Teresa by Brian Melo, in their early days of the Melo Tree program. She has taken lessons in voice, guitar, drama, and recently started learning piano. She is currently enrolled in the ECE program at Mohawk College, and just completed her first year. As an Early Childhood Educator at Studio E, Madison is thrilled to be able to share her two greatest passions: her love of children, and her love of music. By combining her adoration for both children, and music, Madison will help instill these joys into the young children enrolled in Studio E’s ECE music program. Madison has had roles in her high school musicals including Grease, and Fame, and was a part of BR Xpression’s wonderful choir. She has years of experience in working, and volunteering with children at summer camps, daycare settings, and baby-sitting. For Madison, children + music = happiness.

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