Isabella Chiarini

Canadian pop singer/songwriter, Isabella Chiarini is off to a dynamic start towards achieving her dreams as an artist. Isabella has numerous goals for her music career but at the top of her list is inspiring the young women of her generation to love and believe in themselves, a message she hopes to convey through her music.

Taking inspiration from artists such as Selena Gomez, Adele, Sia, and Madonna, Isabella has devoted countless hours to honing her vocals. After several years of training with renowned vocal instructor and owner of Studio E in Hamilton, Ontario, Teresa Cirillo, she now travels to Nashville, Tennessee once a month for training as well. Isabella has demonstrated the commitment and work ethic it takes to succeed in the music business. It was this hunger and passion to succeed that caught the attention of Bernard and Molly Porter, founders of PCG Universal, and ultimately prompted them to offer her the opportunity to train with them and their team of coaches in Nashville.

Only months into the highly esteemed artist development program at PCG, Isabella has taken tremendous leaps in her growth as an artist. With the instruction and mentoring of some of the best coaches in the music business the Hamilton, Ontario native is thriving as a vocalist, musician, performer and songwriter.

Her hard work and devotion to her craft has opened the door to numerous performance opportunities in both the USA and Canada where she’s engaged her audience with her passionate and soulful renditions of the music that has shaped her life. At just three years old, Isabella’s life would forever be changed with the passing of her mother. In her grief, she turned to music. Music became a comfort and a means to express her deeply intense emotions as she and her single father navigated life without her mother. Each day Isabella filled their home with singing. Inspired by her love and passion for music, her father enrolled her in vocal lessons. With each lesson, her love for music grew and continues to drive her today.

“Every experience in life contributes to making us who we are,” Isabella says, “I feel that growing up without my mom has made me a stronger person, and that when I’m singing and writing music, that I have more to connect with emotionally. When I’m performing love songs, I’m not necessarily always thinking about a boy, but connecting with my love for and feelings about my mom. Tapping into that gives me more leverage when it comes to conveying those meaningful emotions. I truly think she would be proud of me for standing my ground, committing to my craft and going after my dream.”

Isabella has faced some tremendous challenges in life but, she’s taken the rocks life has thrown at her and turned them into stepping stones. With each step she takes, she remains true to herself and her audience. Her devotion to the music she loves leaves no doubt she is still climbing to greater heights but, those who have the privilege of knowing her clearly see, Isabella Chiarini is well on her way to reaching the stars.

Isabella shares her passion for music with her students in each and every lesson. Under Teresa’s guidance and with her Vocal Compass training, Isabella has become a highly requested teacher, whose students excel.


  • Vocal: World, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Classical, Royal Conservatory and Musical Theatre
  • Piano: Beginner levels


  • Available for private lessons
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