Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre instills a sense of self-esteem, teaches self-discipline and teamwork, and develops self-confidence in every child that gets the chance to get on stage. Our Musical Theatre Program will cultivate a sense of accomplishment and creativity among all students, offering diverse parts and roles for each child to explore and discover. Students will have the opportunity to identify and develop individual strengths in many areas including confidence, stage presence and theatricality, and skills in presentation, interpretation and character development.


  • Musical Theatre is a combination of dialogue, acting, dancing, and singing. This class allows students to train in music and theatre by learning skills to develop their overall performance abilities and confidence.
  • This Musical Theatre Program will focus on an introduction to acting, facial expression, dance, and showmanship, with an introduction to voice coaching.
  • Students will learn basic stage performance techniques of acting, singing, and dancing as a group.
  • Students will learn age-appropriate roles, stories, and characters from musical productions, such as Mary Poppins, Annie, Cats, Footloose and Fiddler on the Roof.
  • Students will be involved in the creative process of developing characters, interpreting lyrics and scenes, and curating performances alongside the instructor.


This class is currently closed for registration. Please let us know if you are interested!