Competitive Team

Each year, Studio E is proud to send our most dedicated students to compete in festivals and competitions throughout Southern Ontario. Competing is an excellent way for students to supplement their lessons, develop their confidence, and learn to set and achieve difficult goals.

Joining the Competitive Team

Students studying any style of music or instrument can be a part of our competitive team given they meet the following expectations:

  • They show good work ethic.
  • They are consistent in their practice and lesson attendance.
  • They have shown good progress throughout the course of their lessons thus far.
  • They are dedicated to their musical studies.
  • They have an interest in performing.


The goal of our competitive team is to provide our most dedicated and serious students with many different development and performance opportunities … not just competitions!

Anthems: All competitive vocalists are to be trained to sing the Canadian and American national anthems so they can perform at sporting events.

Community Events: Instrumentalists and vocalists will be prepared to perform at community events (e.g., Seasons Retirement Community, Peach Festival) and should work on developing a few solid pieces in their repertoire.

Workshops: Workshops will be held before each competition and are included in the competitive team registration fee. Workshop topics will range from things like performance preparation to tackling stage fright. While these workshops are not mandatory, students will be encouraged to attend them all throughout the year, but are only required to attend 1 prep/performance workshop to allow them to continue in the competitive program the following year. This aspect of our competitive team has been highly requested and we are so excited to begin these programs!

Competitions: We attend a wide range of competitions in Southern Ontario (see information below). Categories and instrument classes range from competition to competition. 


  • Competitive Team Yearly Fee
  • Registration Fee(s)
    • Each competition has its own registration fee which is anywhere between $50.00 and $60.00 for two competition entries.
    • Fees for entries beyond the included two range from $12.00 to $17.00 per additional entry.
  • Sheet Music: $6.95 /song (prices vary for RCM/classical students who are required to bring in their music books)