Competitive Team

Studio E’s competitive season is underway. The competitive vocal program at Studio E builds confidence with every single performance! Students gain valuable experience performing against competitors from other music schools, in front of judges and live audiences.

Several of Studio E’s competitive program students have already met with great success, earning many first, second, and third place scores throughout southern Ontario. Their accomplishments have also produced overall high score awards for the school.

Team Requirements

It is critical that the musicians give us their full dedication. In addition, the competitive vocal team requires a strong commitment from teachers and parents too. It is our goal to work towards the highest standard of performance and technique, encouraging good sportsmanship between team members and with other studios.

Program Rules

Adherence to the following rules will ensure a fun-filled, successful, and enjoyable season:

  • Show respect towards teachers, team members, parents and other outside entrants.
  • Regularly attend weekly classes. Failure to do so may result in termination of team membership.
  • Follow the program provided by the instructors including both regular classes and examination programs, where applicable.
  • Practice good hygiene and wear appropriate clothing, as physical appearance is very important. Some competitions will have a dress code policy in effect.

Program Policies

  • Entry fees must be paid on time to allow the studio adequate time to place orders and pay the required entry fees.
  • Unless all accounts are up-to-date and competition fees are paid in full, the studio reserves the right to cancel entry.


Please contact Teresa at if you would like more information on our competitive program or wish to be evaluated at one of the festivals that we attend.