Open Mic Night

Have you written songs that you’ve been dying to perform live? Maybe you’ve been waiting for that push to get those beautiful songs out of your bedroom, but the right opportunity hasn’t presented himself. It can be difficult to find a platform that supports original music, but look no further because we are hosting Open Mic Nights every other Thursday in “The Back Room” hosted by recording artist, Brian Melo.  The team at Studio E has created a safe space where artists can be artists – where you’re encouraged to wear your heart on your sleeve and share a piece of your soul with like-minded peers and friends.

Upcoming Dates

  • Thursday, November 24th
  • Thursday, December 8th

If you want to ensure you get a spot on stage, click here to fill out the registration form. You can also roll the dice and register when you arrive at the studio, but spaces will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Cost for Attendees

Even if you’re not a musician, but solely a music lover, sit back and enjoy the wealth of talent our city has to offer. The cost to attend and support local artists is $10.00 at the door.