New Segment: Staff Spotlight

As part of a new addition to our website’s blog, we are adding a feature segment every month called Staff Spotlight. Each month we will feature one of our instructors, with some get to know information so our Studio E families can learn more about the instructor their child has lessons with, or an opportunity to learn more about the incredible staff we have at Studio E.


This months featured staff spotlight is: JESSICA!

Jessica is our DiscoverE ECE and Rockband Instructor. She teaches children between 0 to 7 years of age through an interactive and fun introduction of music that helps with their development in a variety of areas. In teaching rhythm, music and movement, she helps them learn to sing songs with instruments and uses dynamics, tempo and emotion to enhance learning, literacy and motor skills! They also get an opportunity of alternating between several instruments and disciplines such as guitar, drums, percussion instruments, piano, and voice. As an ECE she is excited to combine her love of music and passion for education in order to aid students while they explore the world of music! Here is our question series with Jessica!


When did you first become interested in music?

Jessica:  My dad always played guitar for me as a baby, my parents say I was humming and singing before I learned how to talk! 

What is the first instrument you decided to try to learn?

Jessica: I started singing when I was 6 and started having an interest in guitar around the same time.

What is something you have been meaning to try out (food, hobby, etc) that you haven’t gotten around to?

Jessica: I’ve always wanted to get more into cooking.

What is one interesting fact about you that most people may not know seeing you as a music teacher?

Jessica: I don’t have many facts my students wouldn’t know, but, I eat A LOT of food. When I’m not teaching, I’m eating. I always have snacks. 

What is an artist/genre that you like that your students may not expect that you would like?

Jessica: Jazz!

What is one thing about teaching that makes it enjoyable to you?

Jessica: As much as I love teaching, I also love that every day the children teach me something new! It’s amazing how much you can learn when you work together in the class room.



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